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Thank you for prayerfully considering your contribution to RRWM. We greatly appreciate your financial gifts to RRWM. Your donations are helping support numerous outreaches in India and around the world. We need to spread literacy to advance the kingdom of God. We propose to start village schools in needy places. $5000.00 is needed to establish one. We need prayer halls for most of our churches. A prayer hall can be built for around $8000.00 to $10,000.00. Our various ministries include Children's Home, Missions, Counseling, Publications, Bible Training, Film Ministry, Pastors Seminars, Mercy Ministries, Crusades and others. What ever the Lord lays upon your heart to help the mission, feel free to do to at the best of your ability. It will be a sweet fragrance to the Lord. RRW Missions is incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations to RRWM are tax deductible.  RRWM uses PayPal for processing online donations.  Here's why: 1. PayPal gives you a wide variety of ways to make your donation.  You can choose to place your donation on a credit    card, through a bank draft, or by using an eCheck. 2. Our costs are less when we use PayPal.  By using this service, we pay only 1.9% along with a $0.30 USD fee per transaction.  For a $50.00 donation, this means that only $1.25 is charged to us. 3. Your online donations are immediately transferred to our account.  This means that there is no delay from the time you make your donation and the funds are available for the harvest. 4. PayPal uses encryption in handling the details of your donation.  This means that your personal information is safe and secure.  Because these details are handled by PayPal, we never see the information regarding your account numbers or payment type.
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth  and the life. No one comes to the  Father except through me.