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OUR MISSION Road Runner World Mission a charitable, missionary organization incorporated in the United States for the objective of preaching the gospel and sharing God's eternal love with a lost world. It is a (501 )c(3) granted organization. The organizers of the mission are highly respected and motivated servants of God with decades of Christian ministerial experiences in the service of the Lord. God's mission of reaching the unreached at any cost, to the vast millions of people who have never heard of the gospel of salvation, was the prime motive in the beginning of the RRWM, and all other aspects of the mission in many nations of the world. We are focusing on the least reached villages and towns of India and neighboring countries, as well as South America, Mexico, Guatemala, and the third world nations of Asia. India, with a population of.25 billion people, is the second largest nation in the world. Indeed it is a nation of many nations! Among the one billion people of India, there is only a small population that has ever heard of Jesus. So it was imperative on our part to train and send missionaries in to the mission fields. North India is a barren land as far as evangelization is concerned. It has soaked the blood of many martyrs into its soil. Many have labored but the results have been very poor for many reasons. For the last decade a tremendous response has been pouring in from all parts of the country for a great love for God and we must take this opportunity to tell the people about the love of God which was manifested on the cross. The doors are not closed for the gospel in India, therefore we must tell them now so that we will not regret it later. Who knows whether tomorrow will bring an opportune time or way like today or not? Religious fundamentalist groups are already targeting the Christian minority for preaching the gospel in India. A few states in India have passed the religious conversion bill, which prohibits conversion. Anybody doing so would bring severe punishment from the law in those particular states. Therefore it is the hour for us to do the work of the Great Master Lord Jesus. Amen. Our Mission headquarters are situated in the National Capital territory of India, New Delhi. Our mission activities are spread across 7 different states in the Northern part of India. North India is one of the most unreached parts of the world, still accessible to the gospel of Christ. India is predominantly a Hindu nation with more than 80% of the population practicing various forms of Hinduism. Christians in this country are a minority of just 2.5% of the population of over one billion people. Incidentally, India is the second largest populated country in the world. We are reaching out to these one billion people hoping to achieve a great harvest before the return of Jesus Christ.
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth  and the life. No one comes to the  Father except through me.